Welcome to The Planet Vape!  We are Charleston's Premier Vape Lounge!  We are here to cater to the newest of electronic vaporizer users and the most advanced user!  We carry a large variety of electronic cigarette starter kits to help you get going on your way to stop smoking.  We also carry a large selection of mechanical mods, RDAs, and everything in between!  We have delicious gourmet e-juice that is second to none!  Our Signature Series line leaves you only wanting more!  

We pride ourselves in giving you an atmosphere where you can be comfortable enough to ask any question!  Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, and most important, we are passionate and friendly.  We enjoy taking the time to explain the products and ensuring you understand the products you are using.  If we are ever asked a question that we do not have an answer for, we will find an answer for you, and learn together!  We encourage you come to The Planet Vape to relax and chill in our lounge - bring your laptop and surf the web - sit and chat with new friends and learn more about our awesome craft.  Grab a soda, coffee, or a delicious craft beer!

We always have something happening on The Planet Vape!  Check out the Calendar tab for information on our upcoming events!